With over 20 years of event experience from New York, Los Angeles, Greece, Singapore, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, EVNTUR offers global and diverse concepts incorporated into an event that is one-of-a-kind and AWESOME. 

EVNTUR ideally works in three stages to give clients the best possible outcome:

  • Ideation
  • Coordination
  • Execution

EVNTUR’s strengths and core competencies lie in the ability to help clients visualize an event and then utilize our knowhow, connections, and partners to go from concept to completion. Involvement in global corporate events such as parties on the Parthenon to personal excursions in Africa’s Serengeti have afforded EVNTUR the ability to see meaning in all personal interactions. 

An event is an experience that should not be taken for granted. Understanding this, EVNTUR gives each client a tailor made experience that is memorable and helps make meaningful and creative connections.